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Murakami Jochiku Utsushi - Daikoku and Ebisu

Top Prize Winner - The Sakaki Mayor's Award - NBSK 2015

In the Summer 2015 I was awarded the top honor in the category of sword fittings (tosogu) for my Murakami Jochiku utsushi (copy of the well known piece). This being my first ever entry the unexpected success came as a pleasant surprise. I won "Tokusho" (top or unique prize) in the annual NBSK (Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai) - The Foundation of Japanese Sword Culture for the Purpose of Public Interest - awards in Japan. 

The trip was a fantastic experience and I would like to thank all the wonderful people who helped make this happen. I would also like to thank all of the people that I was fortunate enough to meet and share this experience with. I continue to feel both fortunate and humbled.


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