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marcus chambers

metal smith

 Working within the Japanese tradition, I craft one of a kind sword fittings and metal sculptures. All of my pieces are created using only hand tools and traditional methods. I find this approach to the materials and process to be both intimate and rewarding.

Over a decade ago I started out in the field of metalwork as the professional jeweler I am today. Shortly thereafter I began seriously studying Japanese techniques for making sword fittings. In October of 2013 I completed a month-long intensive workshop with Ford Hallam, a world renowned artist in the field of classical Japanese metalwork. I went on to study at different intervals with him over several years that culminated in a 4 month stay at his studio in England. 

My desire is to maintain the language of this craft laid down over the last thousand years, while carrying the tradition into the future. The aesthetic I seek is woven from the stories inherent to the culture and the materials I use. I feel the natural relationship between artist and medium is paramount. It is within this subtle dialogue between these materials and techniques that I engage the natural world. My wish is to bring others along with me on this journey of discovery expressed in my work.



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